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DJ Chas Paris

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80's, alternative, american beauty, anime, art, arts, asylum, autopsies, ballgags, bartender, bdsm, being naked, bettie page, body mod, body modification, body modifications, bondage, boondock saints, boots, brit pop, candles, cats, chains, chemical warfare, classical music, cling wrap, club zadar, clubbing, clubs, cocktails, coffee, cooking, corsets, cosplay, dali, dancing, dark, disco, dj, dogs, domination, donnie darko, ebm, eddie izzard, electrical tape, experimental, experimentation, fake hair, fetish, fetishes, fight club, fishnets, fitness, garders, gas masks, gasmasks, german military uniforms, goth, gothic, gothic subculture, guinness, gustav klimt, h.r. giger, handcuffs, havana, health, high heels, horror, industrial, industrial music, jagermeister, japanese rope bondage, kinky stuff, latex, latex gloves, leather, locks, léo delibes, m.a.c., mac, magnolia, make-up, medical fetish, medical tools, military uniforms, modern rock, mohawks, morrisville, movies, music, naked lunch, natural born killers, new age, new experiences, new hope, new wave, nocturne, nudity, opera, philly, photography, piercing, piercings, poppy z brite, post modern, progressive house, punk, pvc, riding crops, rocky horror picture show, rope bondage, rubber, rubber gloves, s&m, safty pins, salvador dali, scalpels, scars, screaming, sex, sex toys, sexuality, shaved heads, shaved stuff, shibari, sid & nancy, skulls, sleeping, spanking, spikes, starbucks, synth-pop, tattoos, the batcave, the cell, the matrix, trance, transmuters, tribal, trip hop, twin peaks, vintage medical tools, vinyl, war, wdre, webcam, wine, yardley, zoltan kodály, zombies